I’m just trying to find what is important

We began in defense of bats, highly persecuted little mammals (they even have fingers!) that are of great service to our ecosystem. Through collaboration we broaden to a Buckminster Fuller-esque consideration of systems, rule based structures to shape choreography so that we may move together without reduction to sameness.

A commissioned piece for Ev and Bow full time dancers.

music: Flicker by Porter Robinson



This music video picks up on the idea of bats where this piece left it early on.

Amy McCarthy
Sarah Fogerty
Chantelle Landayan
Madelane Knowles
Kaitlyn Marsh
Livvy Osborne
Bianca Rezo
Alessandra Rigoli
Jazmine Longstaff
Chelsea Hendry
Aidan Daley
Ellie Williams
Emily-Kate Watts
Georgia Nelson

Matt Cornell in collaboration with the dancers

Ev and Bow directors
Sarah Boulter and Lisa Bowmer

Flicker by Porter Robinson
link to track used:

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