Tender Napalm

A young man and woman meet at a party. They are drawn to each other. They have sex. They fall in love. Then something happens. Their fantasies take charge: tales of golden shores, snakes, serpents, unicorns, kings, queens and blood. Dangerously and absolutely, they’re thrust into the secret places of love and desire. Phillip Ridley’s extraordinary new play confidently traverses the delicate and the brutal, mapping the journey from first attraction to consuming devotion. It’s a sweaty portrait of passion and destruction, an examination of how love can leave you shipwrecked, deep-burning and unquenchable.



“Notably, this piece requires physical stamina due to Matt Cornell’s highly effective choreography, in conjunction with the dialogue presented solely by the two actors. This stamina is successfully maintained, precipitating a kinetic atmosphere at its highest energy, contrasted against the quiet when action seems to cease.” Upstaged

“Brevity Theatre’s rendition of Tender Napalm does not miss the mark, and is an exhilarating exploration of love and tragedy. Tender Napalm is an explosive piece of live theatre.” – Alt Media

“Cowan sizzles with vitality, with her trademark buoyancy and tomboy flair. Franklin is full of boyish charm and vigour, and they work extremely well together. They handle Matt Cornell’s choreography with ease, and the physical detail they find is wonderful.” – Theatre Now

“Brevity Theatre dive into Tender Napalm with leaps and somersaults, fulfilling and exceeding expectations. Exquisite on every level. Brevity Theatre has created a theatrical wonder, and it’s a sweet sorrow that theatre can be so alive on stage, yet is never to be relived again.” – Upstaged Reviews

Alexander Butt

Jordan Cowan and Timothy Franklin

Matt Cornell

Sound Designer
Katelyn Shaw

Lighting Designer
Benjamin Brockman

Andre Vasquez

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