BLOKES Project

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The BLOKES project includes a new dance performance by Matt Cornell and Joshua Thomson drawing on stories gathered from a month on the road through the extreme north of Australia, stories from ‘Aussie blokes’, beyond the beer and the bullshit.

Dancing to ‘break the cycle’ of damage to self and others without shame or disassociation of our heritage, we set up a 20ft (side access) shipping container in a public space for a week leading up to performance. We spend this time rehearsing in public view and being available for questioning, advice and discussion from community.

To respect the individual while undermining the mythology in an effort towards reconsideration of our (inescapably patriarchal, often xenophobic, homophobic,  sexist) performance of national identity. To offer and support an alternative, pluralist archetype.

We work to question, embody and dissolve the monism of Australian male conduct, offer a chance to meet individuals suffocated by the sometimes humorous, often confronting elements of their sub-culture and present an exploded view of the unspoken rules that simultaneously constrain & liberate our community as a whole.

The creative team:


First 3/4 of the show performed at Frankston 2016 – lock-off documentary footage


Creator & Performer
Joshua Thomson
Matt Cornell

Tristen Parr
Corin Ileto

Claire Robertson

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