Life is not a multiple-choice (questionnaire)

We begin with games to spark and share each others’ joy, then we get distracted by ‘things’. We stop playing games so we can get more things. Enough things to make us sick. We stop sharing joy. It seems everyone wants to be at the top of the pile, regardless that it may be a pile of shit.

The dance happens because we are dancers.

A Darwin Festival Commissioned show by Style Impressions Krew showcasing Contemporary Dance, Bboying, Tutting and Hip Hop. The full show is comprised of 4 short works, one by each member of the crew. This piece is by Matt Cornell in collaboration with Bboys;

Erwin Fenis
Josh Mushow link
Marko Taopo


Everyone in the world just disappeared except for you
James Brown

final track – Blue Beats
The Mattmosphere

Cardio Church - Matt Cornell's Quartet from TheMattmosphere on Vimeo.

(Thanks to Matt Prest and James Brown! ) There is no I in TEAM. This is an excerpt from a piece made on Style Impressions Krew by Matt Cornell. At Darwin festival Matt will be joined by Josh Mu, Erwin Fenis and Marko Taopo. In this video they are present in the choreography but not in the space.

Matt Cornell

Erwin Fenis - Bboy Eluzion
Josh Mu - Bboy MuMan
Marko Taopo - BBoy Phoenix

outside eye
Nick Power


first track "Everyone in the world just disappeared except for you"

final track - "Blue Beats"

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