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The GIF of Dance

The Gif of Dance is a choreographic experiment.

The animated GIF as (self-contained) contemporary dance performance.

During the two week season, there will be a daily, simultaneous, global, world premiere of a new dance.

I am interested in hyper-distributed, non-geographically exclusive, time shiftable, poverty inclusive (time or money) live performance of dance and choreography, as integrated into our everday lives as any other digital notification.

Open studio session on Friday Sept 30th at 17:00 at ReadyMade Works, Ultimo.

This choreographic lab is a Dirty Feet initiative.


FB photo album here



Choreographer (in collaboration with the dancers)
Matt Cornell

Anna Kuroda
Maddy Tower-Lovell
Kino Mchugh
Jessica Anne Holman
Elle Evangelista
Libby Montilla
Viola Iilda
Vanessa Varghese
Leeke Griffin
Allesandra Rigoli
Rebecca Cameron
Michael Smith
Eve Newton-Johnson
Matthew Massaria
Thomas E S Kelly
Adam Warburton

Project Manager
Angela Goh

Shaun Gladwell

Lucy Parakhina

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