I Learnt My Cultural Dance from YouTube aka Danced Together

Dancing is a way of being oneself but also being a group. So we made a ritual so we can dance together without needing to have the same dance. To feel togetherness especially when we’re not the same.

This project became an instruction booklet, an operation manual, a hand book and a field guide for how we can dance together within a cosmopolitan and many-cultural reality where we no longer share a dance vocabulary with our neighbors.

It hopes to be a step by step practise that will disintegrate otherness.

It hopes to be a step by step practise that will deliver ones body back to them.


(In the 2nd (opening night) video, the ritual is preceded by a task to dance every style one has ever seen. This task is seperate to the ritual and was included in the theatre as a consideration of having an audience. The ritual #dancedtogether is designed to be participated in, not to be viewed passively.)

people on the floor erryday:

Vanessa Marian
Tiyan Baker
Mikaela Carr
Matt Cornell

and special thanks to all the people who joined us on the floor sporadically for some cross contamination

Kassidy Waters
Lauren Eiko
Sally Hare
Adrian Bacani
Elle Evangelista
Sam Smith
Asher Freshneiz Bowen-Saunders
Matthew Massaria
Natalie Pelarek
Joshua Thomson
Angela Goh
Rhiannon Newton
Thuba Ndibali
Libby Montilla
Ivey Wawn
Yukino Mchugh
Sophia Ndaba

performed at Shop Front Arts Co-Op in Carlton Sydney as part of OOTS by

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