what’s my jam? – (seeking funding)

what’s my jam? is the title of a book.


A young person wants to dance but doesn’t know what dance or how. With each page they’re pictured in a different dancing community, learning the technique and culture.

Each page/scene/image provided by an authority who is embedded in that community and who has that dance embedded in their own body.


A book that will be two parts.


1 part fictional picture book – the journey of the young person who wants to move


1 part community interview series – interviews with each contributor around their dancing and it’s place in their identity, body and cultural and community cohesion.



This project is seeking publishing and financial support to come to fruition.














It would be wonderful if this book ended up in public and school libraries on top of private ownership.

It’s feasible to embed a song for each page via QR code or some other AR/Mixed reality implementation but it is important this book is able to stand alone in environments where that technology is either not deployed or not financial within reach.

A digital copy of both parts will also be produced.