what’s my jam?

What’s my jam? is a research question and project fashioned after the children’s classic picture book “Are you my mother?

But instead, focussed on finding ones dance in a time of globalisation, cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism. (unavoidably dealing with integration, pluralism, appropriation, citizenship and enculturated and acculturated physicality.)

Each page of the book would be an image of dancing, offered by the community of people who get together to do that dancing. I hope to understand more through meeting these groups, and I hope to more deeply meet them by dancing with them.

Previous work that has led my to this project includes,


A book that outlines a jam structure where people who don’t know the same dance can still feel danced and feel together in our multicultural, cosmopolitan cities.

this is the book http://dancedtogether.info :

this is what one group looks like when following the outline:

That project sprouted from “I Learnt My Cultural Dance From Youtube

which sprouted from “Cosmopolitan Folk Dance” an effort to gives ones body back to them through dancing from a place of pleasure. (An investigation that actually started at Critical Path when there was free studio space offered out to test ideas).

Possibly connected to all of these things was my hopes for the event I curated titled The Big Bounce where talking about dancing and trying some dancing and watching some dancing and doing some dancing were all leveraged in a way to zoom all the way into and all the way out of concepts surrounding societies, embodiment, community and self-identity.