TEDx Darwin 2013 “The Power of movement: It’s affect on our state of being”

the same talk was also given at RYOND in the Hunter Valley and Well Being Convention in Darling Harbour Sydney.

BOLD Festival 2017 about The BLOKES Project

Tools for Contemporary Practise Forum at Critical Path

TEOK Sydney (The Edge of Knowledge) at Front Yard. Matt spoke about taking the Exploded View using a V8 engine and Infographics and GIFs and having fun with false dichotomies.

The beginnings of The BLOKES Project at This Territory Life – Darwin Festival 2013

Metro Arts: My View from Here co-chair of panel:

Tropical Performances, Manilla. As part of THE PUMP collective, more specifically making the case for liquidity vs sacredness around the LITR currency.

Make a dance GIF and SMS it to someone in your world – workshop for Australia Council

A webinar by Matt Cornell

How can we choreograph for those who can’t attend a theatre? How can we work from embodiment to craft physically-distant intimacy?

This session walks through Matt’s process when choreographing a GIF of Dance so that you may make your own and SMS them to people in your world. This session is developed from Matt Cornell’s project; the GIF of Dance. A project aimed at side-stepping the gatekeepers of institutions while enthusiastically disintegrating social-class barriers and making compelling choreography a normal part of daily life.

This is a practical session and you will require an iOS device ie. iPhone or iPad with free app ImgPlay or android equivalent with free app ImgPlay and access to the internet. Matt will guide you through using these tools to build and send a dance gif. You may also choose to receive a dance instead. All the instruction will be provided and an intermediate level of experience with smartphones or help from a more experienced friend or family member is recommended to participate due to time restraints.

Matt Cornell is a dancer and choreographer who wants dance to go, without friction, to the people who want it.