podcasts i’m listening to

Waking up – smart dude talking with lots of other smart, mostly dudes, from varying viewpoints about the nature and ramifications of consciousness. Covers religion, belief, cultural phenomena, politics, nationalism… actually it covers a lot of isms. (I usually listen at 1.4X speed).


Diffusion science radio – A broad mix of updates and interviews on efforts around science, mostly in Australia. As i’ve heard said = “Science is the only news“. (I usually listen at 1.6x speed).  


Power to the People – hilarious comedian contemplates cultural phenomena off the cuff, I usually listen at 2x speed – bonus points from me for non-US accents and Brisbane crow sounds in the background. I laugh and I consider thoughts that my more defensive mind may never have let me contemplate. 


Song Exploder – a pop song version of “meet the composer”, in focus and length, very concise and relevant. excellent guests and production.


Review the Future – two guys talk about the consequences of technology on culture. (i usually listen at 1.7x speed). great way to help oneself know what they think about these things plus get more in depth with the discussion.


Meet the Composer – long episodes but for good reason, you get to meet people and hear sound ideas rather than products. also calming.


The Long Now Foundation – goddam humbling and mindblowing, very smart people thinking in a 20,000 year time frame. (Ironically i usually listen at double speed).


Science VS – started on ABC Australia, hosted by an Australian (bonus points from me for non-US accents) but now made in the US, can be a bit US centric and is highly produced but excellent unbiased science and cultural contemplation.


Badcrypto – two dudes talking very widely about the crypto space. I don’t think i’ll stick with this one but for now they’re interest in the social impacts of cryptography means i learn something that i wouldn’t otherwise have time to read about. I generally skip their ICO spotlight episodes but really enjoy their interviews. I listen at 1.6x speed and skip a lot. Very dude-heavy but so is the whole space.


Whiting wongs – a white man and an asian woman say all the things you shouldn’t say, especially comedy that relies on stereotypes of ethnicity or class or culture. And they get schooled by their guests or each other. I listen at 1.5x speed and skip the parts where they lament about being writers for TV.



and of course the podcast I founded, Wombat Radio that asks dancers/choreographers, and others including sometimes musicians “What? and How? and WHY!?” about their efforts.