The BLOKES Project

“a truly beautiful and thought provoking performance” Councillor Steve Toms


Performance dates: Feb 13th – 18th at flowstate, South Bank Parklands – and it’s FREE!!



The BLOKES Project includes a new dance work (performed on a shipping container, researched with family & community elders in their truck yards, sheds & vehicles) investigating the embodied myths, truths and stereotypes of how to be Australian. And where this inherited cultural narrative serves us and where it hurts us, as individuals and as a community.


co-creators Joshua Thomson and Matt Cornell


In an age of toxic masculinity, how can we turn the critical lens on ourselves to build a new narrative of how to be a BLOKE?


The creative team:


The BLOKES Project has received support from The Australia Council for the Arts, Darwin Festival 2013 and 2014, Performing Lines NSWFrankston Arts Centre and Critical Path.


First 3/4 of the show performed at Frankston 2016 – lock-off documentary footage

making-of trailer:


making-of images:



we also had an online showing in 2016 while in the research room at Critical Path – link

and made a video installation called 4×4 Duet

and bonus video below talking about the project at the BOLD festival 2017:


Blokes – What’s it About



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bayside news – link

peninsular radio – link

ABC radio interview:

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