“…the effect is distinctly sci-fi. For audiences, entering the work is like boarding a spaceship or descending into a seed-vault.”, Lemonade Letters to Art 2022

Neridah Ross – “greatest artwork I’ve ever seen in my whole life.”, Culture Guide/FBi Radio, Oct 27, ‘17

Vicki Van Hout, “Cornell is attempting to buck the trend.. ..from single/star author choreographers in favour of focussing on the facilitation of the act of dancing, whereby every-body and no-one-body supremes simultaneously.”, An Epilogue to NAIDOC, 2018

Sebastian Henry-Jones, “[Matt] is very careful to include the suffix ‘ing’ to any mention of ‘dance’ so that with each lodging, the noun is transformed into a verb… It is here that the space we make for dance collides with the space that dance makes for us.“, Art and Australia, April 29, 2017

Barry Stone “A unique piece that affected everyone and a truly Australian work that they have developed after much travel, conversations and joining communities around the country.

A beautiful exercise in how we relate with ourselves and with others.” facebook review, Feb 2018

Victoria Chiu, “Matt has amassed honest, powerful responses from Australian movement makers, thinkers and users.. arguably the most accurate representation of Australian movement culture currently found anywhere in Australia… especially interesting as a large number of these artists are independent.”, iTunes podcast review, March 20, 2019

Jessica Lovelace “a breathtaking pas de deux” Stage Whispers october 26, 2013

Erin Barney, “Matt Cornell brings a sense of community to the independent dance scene with his poignant conversation, witty humour and raw insight to a world which otherwise can feel somewhat isolated.”  iTunes podcast reviews, Feb 2, 2019

Simon Piening, “Dancer Matt Cornell is Simply Exquisite”, Australian Stage, 2010

Anonymous audience member “exquisite performance and incredibly moving approach to the subject” – SouthBank season Post show Q&A Feb, 2018

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ABC Radio National Breakfast interview – Listen here

ABC online article – Read here

The Big Bounce:

The BLOKES Project:

Vicki Van Hout, “I finally got the chance to partake in Matt Cornell’s own brand of cipher where dancers bring their irrepressible grooving selves to the transient human enclosure. It was an exhilarating experience. I haven’t improvised in a group setting for so long I forgot how in-the-moment, on-the-spot, ultra-present you become. As if nothing else exists except the reading of bodies and the pushing of limits in the earnest want to build a relationship that defies long term temporality and conventional categorisation. Last time I had witnessed Cornell’s Autonomic cipher (which might’ve had another name/ incarnation) I figured the hip hop/ breaking origins still prevailed and wondered if Matt’s cipher would hold up without a hip hop majority. Yes it did. The second evening’s performance truly celebrated the individual body within its assemblage with audience members and virtuosos Kristina Chan and Anton as well as a pregnant Imogen Cranna amongst a whole slew of ‘readymade’ groovers from all walks of dance life  joining in.” – FORM Blogs 2018 –