Cosmopolitan Folk Dance

the dancers mission:

1. make the space as you need it (music, lights, temperature etc) and dance for pleasure/get lost in the dance for the duration of 1 song.

2. as soon as you can name what you’re doing as a move/style/genre, change it. (but you are allowed to slip back into it, this is not a search for “pure” or “authentic” movement, this is a dance for the pleasure of dancing.


the viewers instruction:

stand surrounding the dancer. the dancer is dancing only in response to pleasure and enjoyment. they will dance for 1 song.


the artist’s intention:

in a world where exposure to dancing (it’s generation and performance) can be constant and global due to travel and digital communications, perhaps there is a form of dance that is not born of or owned by a people of a single geographic location but generated directly out of global/viral culture. A cosmopolitan folk dance that can fill the void of the “Traditional Dance” that many of us never learnt.

When a group takes on this question is looks like -> I Learnt My Cultural Dance From YouTube


It has so far been presented at YumChat as part of BrisAsia Festival 2017 and BareBones which was a part of SuperCell Dance Festival on the Gold Coast.

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you can listen to a conversation with YumLab facilitator River Lin about this stage of Matt’s project at Wombat Radio