I Learnt My Cultural Dance from YouTube

In 2017, Dirty Feet Out Of The Studio program gave Matt a residency to investigate the idea of a worldwide cosmopolitan dance style, instantaneously manifest via constant exposure (travel and digital), with no single geographic genesis but still belonging to a particular community of people.

That investigation became Danced Together – a ritual for dancing (as action) to bring people together without them needing to know the same dance.


The idea for I Learnt My Cultural Dance from YouTube started as a solo project called cosmopolitan folk dance/distributed cultural dance. The video below is what it became as a group practise.


This short structure below has two parameters:

  1. dance every dance you have ever seen (especially if you don’t know how to do it)
  2. dance with someone until you remember another dance to initiate

the dance lasts for a countdown played from YouTube – viewable by the audience.