Fully Automated Human Touch

work-in-progress audience test at SuperCell Dance Festival 2020

Much of the food we eat today is never touched by human hands until the moment we lift it to our gaping mouths.

Fully Automated Human Touch is that same mouth agape with awe (and some disgust) at where we find ourselves. Mindy and Matt explore the choreography of food automation, questioning sustainable mass consumption of mass-produced food, and how it might deprive us of embodiment, appreciation, sensuality and generosity. When automation delivers on its promise to provide all of our “basic needs”, what will the world look like? Maybe there will be no labour left for us to do but dance…

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Fully Automated Human Touch is a work-in-progress by collaborators Mindy Davies and Matt Cornell. With 1 week of development and 3 public audience tests they are now seeking further support to develop this work.

BIOs of artists:

Matt Cornell is an Asia-Pacific based choreographer who grew up in Darwin, on Larrakia land. His work interrogates how we embody systems – social, cultural, political, or technological – and in turn how these systems embody us by forming communities and informing identities. His work takes multiple forms including dancing, performance, sound composition, writing, podcasting, and curation, in varying contexts including in theatres, galleries, public spaces, and online. Across these radically different contexts is the core notion of creating spaces, events, and experiences through which we can come together, to share something which might give rise to new ways to know ourselves and each other and the stories we tell ourselves. That we may get better at living together.

Matt’s work has won numerous awards across film, stage, composition and choreography. He continues to work with incredible teams. He is the founder of Wombat Radio podcast (2013-present) and a founding member of Style Impressions (breakdance) Krew, Dance Makers Collective and The Pump (an team of professors and artists from Philippines, Malaysia and Australia). His music compositions have performed at Sydney Opera House and Extreme Sports DVD’s and his choreographic collaborations have toured Asia and Europe and Australia either in rock concerts, on stages or in residency exchange.

Matt often lives at the Gold Coast working with The Farm, taking up residency at HOTA as a collaborator of Daniel Constance and spending time with family. 

Merinda Davies is an artist based on Kombumerri Land on the Gold Coast. She is interested in making art that explores the outside and inside of the human experience. Her practice works across performance, movement, installation, conversations and place-made work.

Merinda seeks to find clarity in the external world through research into emotional and physical states in our internal worlds. Her work aims to question the current structural paradigm of inequality and is inspired by the environment and the possibilities of future environments.

She has presented solo and collaborative works at; Sidesault Festival, HOTA, Woodford Folk Festival 2019, Brisbane Powerhouse, The Walls Artspace, Mavericks Art Space, Festival 2018 Commonwealth Games, Mullum Circus Festival, Bleach Festival, The Whitebox Gallery, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Wonderland Festival, Backbone Two High Festival and Western Australian Circus Festival. 

She is a founder and core creative for Umwelt Collective a performance art collective, creating work that sits at the cross section of installation, dance, physical theatre and digital art.

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