The GIF of Dance

performer credit Yilin Kong and Matt Cornell

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Matt Cornell is smashing together his love of mixed reality, hyper-distribution and dancing. With Courtney Scheu (and sporadic guests) Matt will make (very) short dance duets and reconsider those into animated GIFs.

During this second development (17-28th October funded by Metro Arts Brisbane) there is a daily, global, simultaneous, world premiere of a new dance work, sent by SMS to the audience.


You can sign up (it’s free) by emailing your phone number (with country code) to


Matt is interested in hyper-distributed, non-geographically exclusive, time shiftable, live performance of dance and choreography and driven to making choreography (and its performance). as integrated into the tapestry of everyday life as any other digital notification.

The animated GIF as (self-contained) contemporary dance performance.

Each performance will be shot in various (south western) QLD environments, with accommodation support from The Farm, transport sponsorship from Darwin Container Services and financial funding through MetroArts Brisbane.
They will be joined sporadically by guests Katina OlsenRachel-Olivia Forster-Jones Reina Takeuchi and Libby Zyrel Montilla with more names to come!

fine print:
*your phone number will remain confidential and only utilised in this specific phase of creation. You can opt-in for future seasons.
*you can leave the theatre/cancel at any time by replying with “NO THANKS”
*there should be no financial cost to you via your carrier unless you’ve already exceeded your data usage allowance
*a dance will be sent out weekdays between October 17th-26th inclusive
*anyone can join at anytime so spread the word!
*if you phone has a colour screen it will almost certainly be able to receive and play gifs
*This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

GIF of Dance was first supported by DirtyFeet 
Choreographic Lab and happened at ReadyMade Works in Ultimo.
 There was an open studio session on Friday Sept 30th 2016 at 17:00 at ReadyMade Works, Ultimo.

FB photo album here

Choreographer Matt CornellDancers Anna Kuroda, Maddy Towler Lovell, Kino Mchugh, Jessa Holman, Libby Zyrel Montilla,…

Posted by DirtyFeet on Tuesday, 1 November 2016


 there was a play period that preceded the Dirty Feet Choreographic Lab that happened at 7-SEVEN led by Kynan Hughs in Perth as part of STRUT Choreographic Centre in Perth.
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