mobility test

To think about the individual within systems of class and wealth as having mobility, and to live under the promise of movement between classes based on only desire and merit, and to think of movement as something that can be choreographed.

Can I, as an artist working through choreography, test the dogma of social mobility by choreographing myself into and out of different socio-economic classes/status?



The promise of social mobility in Australia (and other neo-liberal democracies) vs the inherent privileged/underprivileged status of individuals based on attributes that have nothing to do with their merit or other factors they have control to meaningfully change.

“the danger of the artist is that they talk with the beggar and they talk with the king”

in discussions about diversity and inclusion and representation, financial class is often overlooked.

can people truly be self-made or is their systemic funnels towards asset ownership?



breaking society into segments of their relationship with money instead of how much of it they have. So instead of “poor, working poor, working class, upper/lower/middle class, rich” generalisations i’ll focus on choreographing myself between these .




self employed

business owner




how will I know where I am?