Matt Cornell makes award winning choreography for stage and screen.

  • BLOKES-stand-in-poster

    BLOKES Project

    new trailer here: The BLOKES project includes a new dance performance by Matt Cornell and Joshua Thomson drawing on stories gathered from a month on the road through the extreme north of Australia, stories …

  • day-6

    The GIF of Dance

    The Gif of Dance is a choreographic experiment. The animated GIF as (self-contained) contemporary dance performance. During the two week season, there will be a daily, simultaneous, global, world premiere of a new dance. I …


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    Between Two and Zero

    Our bodies are complex beasts. Their mere physical structure means the potential for movement, dance, is vast and varied. Attached to these complicated vessels are minds; wilful, desirous and competitive. Between Two and Zero, like …

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    (still in development) The JoY project works to access the physical state of JoY and wield it’s generative and choreographic potential, through game structures, towards interaction and performance. What movements evoke the physical state of JoY? …

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    I Am Emmanuel

    Emmanuel is determined not to let the past define his future. After fleeing from war-torn Sudan with his family, he finds the chance to start a new life in Australia offers many opportunities, and equally, …

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    All the beauty and the power and the wisdom and the frailty, all the purpose, all the want. We women are not here to satisfy you. You will project on to us your own nostalgia, …

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    Space Cats

    Brevity Theatre presents a journey deep into the galaxy with Laika the lonely mutt, as his rocket crashes onto a planet full of all singing, all sparkling kitty cats. The cats must overcome their desire for …

  • SIK

    Life is not a multiple-choice (questionnaire)

    We begin with games to spark and share each others’ joy, then we get distracted by ‘things’. We stop playing games so we can get more things. Enough things to make us sick. We stop …

  • DMCBigDancePoster

    Dancing With

    A short dance piece by Matt Cornell in collaboration with Miranda Wheen and music by James Brown. ‘Dancing with’ was part of Dance Makers Collective’s premiere performance at Riverside Theatres called ‘Big Dance in Small …

  • i'm-just-trying-to-find-what-is-important

    I’m just trying to find what is important

    We began in defense of bats, highly persecuted little mammals (they even have fingers!) that are of great service to our ecosystem. Through collaboration we broaden to a Buckminster Fuller-esque consideration of systems, rule based …

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    Fights and Flights – STEPS Youth Dance Company

    A snippet of the Contemporary Dance show Fights and Flights by STEPS Youth Dance Company under the Artistic directorship of Alice Lee Holland. 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the company and this show sees …

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    Tender Napalm

    A young man and woman meet at a party. They are drawn to each other. They have sex. They fall in love. Then something happens. Their fantasies take charge: tales of golden shores, snakes, serpents, …

  • Bruce

    Exploring names and identity with QL2 youth dance company, Canberra, Australia. Made for their ‘Chaos’ season ‘Name Game’ and performed at ‘Theatre 3’ under AD Ruth Osborne. This section choreographed by Gabe Comerford and Matt Cornell in …

  • Quantun2012_550

    I do, I will…

    A short Contemporary Dance piece on the promise of young men. Performed by QL2 dancers at The Playhouse in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Choreography by Matt Cornell in collaboration with the dancers and Joshua Thomson. Rehearsed …

  • Australian Youth Dance Festival – Barefoot Garden

    site specific Contemporary Dance piece made for the Australian Youth Dance Festival 2012. Choreographed by Adelina Larsson and Matt Cornell. The site, music and dancers were assigned by AusdanceNSW. The creation process took place in the …