Space Cats

Brevity Theatre presents a journey deep into the galaxy with Laika the lonely mutt, as his rocket crashes onto a planet full of all singing, all sparkling kitty cats. The cats must overcome their desire for purity and purrfection to embrace the smelly and the strange. Come and wag your tail at this celebration of universal love at the edge of the universe.

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Space Cats: an Intergalactic Feline Musical

“A very funny tail about love and acceptance.The laughs are frequent and the show features some fantastic performances as the cats belt their way through several fun musical numbers, and those cats can really sing.” – The Buzz From Sydney

“The show is a euphoric application of the musical genre, using its shallow and frivolous propensities to excellent comic effect. All performances are delightful, with a clever blend of energy and irony for a tongue-in-cheek, and sometimes raunchy, approach that many would find irresistibly amusing.” – Suzy Goes See

on until March 12th at the old 505 theatre, 5 Eliza St in Newtown.


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