A choreographic commission from LINK Dance Company in Perth for their graduating season of 2014.


notes from the program:

All the beauty and the power and the wisdom and the frailty, all the purpose, all the want.
We women are not here to satisfy you.
You will project on to us your own nostalgia, romance, love or judgment. And we will allow it, and we will facilitate it and you will form a connection that is real and entirely manufactured.



Autre Ne Veut – Play by play
Corin Ileto –  Mornings
Sam Garrone – Koriah
sound design throughout – TheMattmosphere.com


Thanks to the independent dancers of Perth, thanks to Laura Boynes and Emma Fishwick for giving an outside eye, thanks to Adelina Larsson who helped generate some partner choreography, thanks to anyone who has given me a home, thanks to Michael and LINK for the trust and opportunity, thanks to dance and thanks to love.

I’d also like to mention my long term creative partner Miranda Wheen. The projects we have done together helped lay the ground work for particular sections of this work.

ps: while watching this work, try to watch yourself and your expectations, needs, desires and projections onto the performer.








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