Tropical Glaciers (and liquidity of labour)

Liquidity of

Tropical glaciers melting into water

Fresh water melting into militarised commodities trading

A person melting into the human labour markets of globalised capitalism

A new dance work problematising the intensifying “free market” commodification of (fresh) water and human labour and liquidity dogmatism. This project is produced in partnership with Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts (Sweden), Campbelltown Arts Centre (Australia) (TBC), Dance Nucleus (Singapore) (TBC).

An equatorial glacier in Indonesia

Enterprise will hedge itself against market fluctuations by owning futures on these resources for example, Blue Sky’s “Real Assets” arm has this wonderfully paradigm shifting video

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Capitalising on the growing liquidity of water and human labour (through melting and trade-agreements) continues to intensify their systematic commodification.

For example this link outlining labour liquidity and buying power being at its greatest point in human history due to more nations than ever being conscripted into world markets through their adoption of a compatible economic/industrial system.                                

  • Embodied (fresh) waters, glaciers, monsoonal, artisanal and more.  
  • water as commodity
  • labour as commodity dependant on water
  • liquidity of labour across markets
  • illiquidity of water (rights) due to locality or physical state (glaciers are illiquid)